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TeraBiter - Link

TeraBiter - Link

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Introducing the TeraBiter Link – the ultimate accessory for your iPhone, designed to enhance your recording capabilities by securely attaching external storage. This innovative solution allows you to record ProRes videos directly to an external drive, unleashing a new realm of possibilities with the latest iPhone model.

• 💾 SD + MicroSD Card Reader: Effortlessly transfer and access your files with the integrated SD and MicroSD card reader, enhancing your data management on the go.

• 📱 Nylon Rack: Crafted from durable nylon, the tiny rack attaches conveniently to the back of your iPhone, providing a secure and stable mount for your external storage.

• 🔌 USB-C Connectivity: Leverage the power of the USB-C port to connect your iPhone to external drives, enabling seamless recording and data transfer.

• 📹 ProRes Video Recording: Record high-quality ProRes videos directly to an external drive, maximizing your iPhone's recording potential without worrying about internal storage limitations.

• 🌟 Enhanced Flexibility: Designed for the latest iPhone model, the TeraBiter Link unlocks new creative possibilities, making it an essential tool for photographers, videographers, and content creators.

• 🛠️ Patented Design: This patented design, which I carefully developed over the last few months, is out and ready for you to enjoy as an SD card reader holder.

• 🚀 Max Speed: The SD card reader boasts a maximum speed of 330 Mbps as declared by the factory, ensuring quick and efficient data transfers.

• ⏳ Production Time: Please note that production can take up to 7 to 10 days before shipping, ensuring each TeraBiter Link meets the highest quality standards.

This is more than just an accessory; it’s a revolution in mobile recording and data management. Transform your iPhone into a professional recording device with the TeraBiter Link!

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