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Rack for SanDisk Extreme Pro (Gen2)

Rack for SanDisk Extreme Pro (Gen2)

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Introducing the Next-Gen Rack For Sandisk Extreme Pro: Innovation Redefined! 🌟

Get ready to revolutionize your workspace with our latest creation – the Next-Gen Rack For Sandisk Extreme Pro. Here's why it's a game-changer:

🚀 First-of-Its-Kind Design: Unlike anything you've seen before, this rack is crafted from two parts, providing a solution to multiple problems in one sleek package.

💡 Solves Multiple Problems: Say goodbye to SSDs jiggling around and tangled cables. Our rack securely holds your SSD behind the screen and keeps your cable neatly in place while you're on the move.

🌈 Improved from GEN1: I've taken your feedback to heart and made significant upgrades. With hidden suction cups and an additional grip, this version offers even more stability and reliability.

💪 Sturdier Grip: Now with four suction cups instead of three, ensuring a rock-solid hold for your SSD without budging.

💨 Enhanced Airflow: By keeping your SSD further away from your screen, I've optimized airflow and cooling for peak performance.

🎈 Lighter and Sleeker: Not only does it look better than ever, but it's also lighter than before, making it a breeze to carry around with you.

Material: ABS Version - ⭐️⭐️ : Built with FDM printing technology, the ABS version is the epitome of durability. Its sleek, dark aesthetic is perfect for those who appreciate resilience against everyday bumps and bruises.

🔵 Material: Nylon Version - ⭐️⭐️⭐️: Precision-crafted using SLS printing technology, this variant offers unparalleled strength, flexibility, and intricate detailing. It may be a bit more porous than ABS, but its extended lifespan makes it the go-to choice for your storage needs.

PREORDER PERFECTION: Secure your SSD Rack 2.0 now! Expected to ship in Mid April, this preorder ensures you're among the first to experience the latest in storage innovation. Thank you for your patience as I gather orders, streamline production, and carefully pack each unit.

Upgrade your workspace with the Next-Gen Rack For Sandisk Extreme Pro and experience the perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and style! 🌟

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